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Guidelines for Our Lists

BMoptions maintains a number of lists, which are operated independently from our web directory and are maintained by individual editors. These lists have their own set of guidelines as they are not part of our actual directory. You may view the free directory list and social bookmarking list guidelines here. All of our lists follow the same general rules as is found on our free directory list guidelines page (no pop-ups, free of HTML errors, etc.). Announcement spam, such as sending us E-mails, private messages, using the directory contact form and/or but not limited to unpaid submissions to our web directory will result in an immediate and permanent ban of that domain. On each list it stipulates where announcements are accepted at (in a specific Google Plus post only) and it is also noted on our contact us page that it should not be used for announcements. Please take the time to read the guidelines that may apply to your site before you join the growing number of individuals that participate in announcement spam and find their websites permanently banned.

Web Directory Listing Removal Guidelines

Some search engines have stipulated that webmasters of penalized domain names attempt to remove links that point to their websites in an effort to recover their search engine positions. After investigating a number of link removal requests received at VMOptions, we have determined that the vast majority of these requests are fraudulent and likely being generated by their competitors. To protect the integrity of our web directory, and those that have chosen to list their websites with us, we have a strict user initiated listing removal policy. To prove ownership of a domain, we require that webmasters upload this file (right click and save target as to download) to their website to prove ownership of the domain name in question. When this file is publicly viewable by a VMOptions editor, the domain name owner or their representative should then use our contact form to provide us the URL of where the verification file is located at and where their link(s) appear at on BMoptions that they want removed. Under no circumstances will BMoptions respond to user initiated listing removal requests until the verification process noted above can be validated by one of our editors. After a listing has been removed from our web directory, as the result of a legitimate user initiated link removal request, it is automatically added to our ban list.

We Do Not Tolerate Spam

For any directory, dealing with spam is a serious problem and consumes a great deal of resources. Because of this, it is important that submissions do not include the symbols |, -, and anything else in the title which is typically used as a separator of words. A listing title is singular, which means we do not allow keyword stuffing, phrases and/or sentences to appear as the listing title. If we do not reject the submission, it will be edited to comply with our listing guidelines by an editor before approval. Another problem that we frequently encounter involves people attempting to use sub-page links (deep links) which point to the same URLs or URLs on different domain names. We make these sub-pages available to submitters so that they may highlight important pages within their website and not for linking to the same URLs with different titles. This is spammy and unacceptable. Thank you for your understanding as we do our best to keep this a quality directory for everyone, including our visitors and those that have chosen to list their websites with us.

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Welcome to the DMOptions social bookmarking list. This list is comprised of websites that allow individuals to register and bookmark their favorite webpages online. Other members within each community are free to view, comment and vote on publicly available stories.

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